IPU Romania
top provider of industrial equipment

In order to provide technical and commercial support in 1996 we founded IPU-ROM Import Export SRL that became representative to the below mentioned companies.

• stop or isolation valves
• control valves
• check or non-return valves
• valve filters
• hydrants
• valves & pumps for corrosive fluids
• HP equipment for LDPE pants
• HP pumps for LDPE plants
• valves for live steam
• pressure Reducing
• safety valves
• pilot operated safety valves
• silencer for safety valves
• steam traps
• steam and condensate applications
• condensate recovery system
• boiler electronics
• LPG tank car valves & rail hooks safty device
• petrol tank car valves
• chlorine tank car valves
• natural Gas Valves
• Reciprocating Compressors various applications
• Mobile Unit Reciprocating Compressors
• PET blowing Compressors
• Equipment testing on-line safety valves
• Equipment Test Valves & Control Valves & Safety Valves